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The Apache Pulsar Community Welcomes 500th Contributor!

· 2 min read

Apache Pulsar is one of the fastest growing, most engaged open source projects, recognized by the Apache Software Foundation as a Top 5 Project based on engagement in 2021. The vitality of any open source project relies on continued community growth and engagement, and this month, the Apache Pulsar community hit another major milestone: welcoming its 500th contributor!

A cloud-native messaging and event streaming platform, Apache Pulsar was committed to open source in 2016, and graduated as a Top-Level Project (TLP) in September 2018. Since its inception, the project has received 10k+ Github stars, 2.7k+ forks, and 6.1k+ Slack users.

pulsar star history

The number of contributors in an open-source project is meaningful because it signals project adoption, growth, advancement, and accelerated development of the technology. This milestone is even more exciting, considering the speed at which the community is growing, adding an additional 100 contributors in under seven months, representing 8X contributor growth since becoming a top-level Apache Software Foundation project.

pulsar contributor history

Get Involved

Community growth leads to additional adoption and project enhancement, and new contributors are an excellent way to track progress of the Pulsar project. Thank you to the community and contributors for your continued involvement!

Looking for more ways to stay connected with the Pulsar community?

  • Pulsar Summit Global 2022 is taking place in-person in San Francisco later this year. Follow @PulsarSummit on Twitter for updates and details of this much-anticipated event.
  • For information about the Apache Pulsar project and current progress, visit the Pulsar website, follow the project on Twitter @apache_pulsar, and join Pulsar on Slack!