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Speakers and Agenda Announced for Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023!

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We’re excited to invite you to Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023! Join the Apache Pulsar community online on Tuesday, May 23rd for this exciting one-day event. Don’t miss 5 keynotes and 14 breakout sessions, and the opportunity to network with fellow attendees in this free online event. Not in the timezone? No problem! Register today to ensure you get the recorded sessions a week before general public release.

Global Pulsar Summits gather developers, architects, and data engineers to discuss the latest in real-time data streaming and message queuing. Past Pulsar Summits have featured more than 200 interactive sessions presented by tech leaders from WeChat, Blizzard, Intuit, Micro Focus, Salesforce, Splunk, Verizon Media, Tencent, Uber, and more. The Summits garnered 2,200+ global attendees representing top technology, fintech, and media companies, such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, American Express, LEGO, Athena Health, Paypal, just to name a few.

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This year, Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe will include tech deep dives, use cases, best practices, and insights into Pulsar’s global adoption and thriving community. Take a sneak peek below at a few of the featured sessions.

Challenges of Hosting a Pulsar-as-a-Service Platform Under a Shared Responsibility Model

Edgaras Petovradzius, Senior Engineer, the LEGO Group

Mathias Ravn Tversted, Engineer, the LEGO Group

This talk will explore the challenges the LEGO Group encountered in hosting and managing Pulsar-as-a-Service across multiple domains, and how they collaborated with StreamNative in the process. It will highlight how the organization used OAuth2 for authentication and its self-service management platform for access control of Pulsar resources. The speakers will also discuss their observability tooling, incorporating cloud-native tools like Prometheus and OTel collectors, as well as internal tools for metrics and an ELK stack. Finally, the presentation will share best practices for using Pulsar clients in various programming languages and explore alternative methods of producing and consuming messages.

Pulsar Observability in High-Topic Cardinality Deployments for Telco

Habip Kenan Üsküdar, DevGitOps Engineer, Axon Networks

Don't miss speaker Habip Kenan Üsküda from Axon Networks, as he shares the experience of building an observability stack using Grafana and Prometheus for their cloud-native platform based on Apache Pulsar. As the number of topic pairings scaled beyond 50,000, with the goal of exceeding 1 million, the team encountered major challenges in scaling their monitoring stack. The presentation will cover their innovative approach to partitioning labels and tenancy management, as well as their efforts to extend Grafana Agent Operators’ Helm Charts to overcome these bottlenecks.

Building a Full Lifecycle Streaming Data Pipeline

Timothy Spann, Principal Developer Advocate for Data in Motion, Cloudera

David Kjerrumgaard, Systems Engineer, Developer Advocate and Author of "Pulsar in Action", StreamNative

Julien Jakubowski, Developer Advocate, StreamNative

Join Tim, David, and Julien as they delve into the process of building a full lifecycle streaming data pipeline using Apache Pulsar, Spring, Java, Apache Pinot, Trino, and Apache Iceberg. This session will provide an overview of each tool’s key features and capabilities, demonstrating their integration for a robust and efficient real-time streaming data pipeline. The talk will also cover best practices for using these tools together, as well as case studies and real-world examples of successful pipeline implementations.

The Future of Metrics in Pulsar

‍Asaf Mesika, Principal Engineer, StreamNative

In this session, Asaf Mesika will discuss the challenges of using observability metrics in Pulsar from both user and committer perspectives. He will highlight issues such as high topic count limitations, improper histogram use in Grafana, and implementation difficulties. The talk will also present a proposal to address these problems by adopting the OpenTelemetry Java SDK, offering insights for leveraging metrics in Pulsar.

Pulsar in Finance - A Tale of a Migration

George Orban, Tech Lead, Senior Architect, Quant Developer, Daiwa Capital Markets

In this talk, George Orban will share the experience of migrating a pricing engine and trading system from TIBCO Rendezvous and other messaging solutions to Apache Pulsar. He will discuss the reasons for choosing Pulsar, its suitability for enterprise applications and finance, and how it improved their stack’s resilience, robustness, and speed. The presentation will also cover new functionalities gained through Pulsar’s richer semantics, lessons learned, tools developed and open-sourced during the migration, and the future of Pulsar at Daiwa.

Oxia: Scaling Pulsar’s Metadata to 100x

Matteo Merli, Apache Pulsar PMC Chair, CTO, StreamNative

Join Apache Pulsar PMC Chair and StreamNative CTO, Matteo Merli, for the much-anticipated introduction of Oxia, a metadata store and coordination system designed to overcome the limitations of ZooKeeper in scaling Pulsar clusters. Learn first-hand the design goals, architecture, and development journey of Oxia. Matteo will also explain how Oxia’s design leverages modern cloud-native environments to provide a highly flexible and dynamic operational environment. Watch this keynote to learn more about scaling Pulsar’s metadata with Oxia and how it can improve the performance and scalability of Pulsar clusters.

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About the organizer

StreamNative is the organizer of Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023. Founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, StreamNative builds a cloud-native event streaming platform that enables enterprises to easily access data as real-time event streams. As the core developers of Pulsar, the StreamNative team is deeply versed in the technology, the community, and the use cases. Today, StreamNative is focusing on growing the Apache Pulsar and BookKeeper communities and bringing its deep experience across diverse Pulsar use cases to companies across the globe.