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Client CPP 2.10.0

  • [C++] Add Wireshark cmake and fix build with latest Wireshark #13236
  • [C++] Wireshark Pulsar dissector naming replace yahoo with apache #13251
  • [C++] Support arm64 optimized CRC32c hardware-instructions #13246
  • [C++] Support more pulsar command names and versions in Wireshark dissector #13286
  • [C++] Optimize MessageBuilder and SharedBuffer to avoid unnecessary memory copy #13293
  • [C++] Fix in Apple Silicon macOS the clang-format cannot find #13333
  • [C++] Add clang-format check for Pulsar Wireshark dissector #13349
  • [C++] Adjust clang-format search names #13369
  • [C++] Fix Wireshark dissector decode send command metadata behavior #13471
  • [C++] PIP 37: Support large message size #13627
  • [C++] Fix the consumer configuration inconsistency with Java client #14070