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Client CPP 2.10.1

  • [fix][C++] avoid race condition causing double callback on close 15508
  • [fix][C++] Wait until event loop terminates when closing the Client 15316
  • [fix][C++] Fix UnknownError might be returned for a partitioned producer 15161
  • [fix][C++] Fix single message metadata not set correctly 15072
  • [fix][C++] Fix connection is not closed when broker closes the connection to proxy 15009
  • [fix][C++] Fix send callback might not be invoked in key based batching 14898
  • [fix][C++] Fix segmentation fault when creating socket failed 14834
  • [fix][C++] Fix the race condition of connect timeout task 14823
  • [fix][C++] Fix producer is never destructed until client is closed 14797