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Client CPP 2.9.2

  • [C++] Fix wrong unit of Access Token Response's expires_in field #14554
  • [C++] Fix thread safety issue for multi topic consumer #14380
  • [C++] Fix pulsar client cpp build fail in gcc-4.8.5 #14053
  • [C++] Fix hasMessageAvailable returns wrong value for last message #13883
  • [C++] Fix in macOS CMake might find error boost-python libs path #13193
  • [C++] Fix libcurl miss auth header when broker return 307 #13112
  • [C++] Define and expose PULSAR_VERSION macro #12769
  • [C++] Fix request timeout for GetLastMessageId doesn't work #12586
  • [C++] Support setting priority for consumers #12526
  • [C++] Fix connection read error logging #12492
  • [C++] Use weak ref to ClientConnection for timeout task #12409
  • [C++] Fix Version.h not found when CMake binary directory is customized #13324
  • [C++] Fix GCC compilation failure caused by warning macro #14402
  • [C++] Fix frequent segmentation fault of Python tests by refactoring ExecutorService #12427