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Client Java 2.10.1

  • [fix][Java] Fixes NPE when TableView handles null value message 15951
  • [fix][Java] Fix conversion of TimestampMillisConversion has no effect when Jsr310Conversion enabled 15863
  • [fix][Java] Fix messages sent by producers without schema cannot be decoded 15622
  • [improve][Java] improve logic when ACK grouping tracker checks duplicated message id 15465
  • [improve][Java] Add pending messages information while printing the producer stats 15440
  • [fix][Java] Fix negative ack not redelivery 15312
  • [improve][admin/client] AsyncHttpConnector doesn't use the system properties configured 15307
  • [fix][Java] TableView should cache created readers 15178
  • [fix][Java] Fix performance regression with message listener 15162
  • [fix][Java] Fix internal receive used wrong timeout type 15014
  • [fix][Java] ConsumerBuilderImpl can not set null to deadLetterPolicy. 14980
  • [fix][Java] Returns immutable data set when use TableView. 14833
  • [improve][Java] Avoid timer task run before previous subscribe complete. 14818