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Client Java 2.7.1

  • [Java] Add original info when publishing message to dead letter topic #9655
  • [Java] Fix hasMessageAvailable() with empty topic #9798
  • [Java] Add BouncyCastleProvider as security provider to prevent NPE #9601
  • [Java] Async the DLQ process #9552
  • [Java] Fix the partition number not equals expected error #9446
  • [Java] Cleanup consumer on multitopic subscribe failure #9419
  • [Java] Compression must be applied during deferred schema preparation and enableBatching is enabled #9396
  • [Java] Add default implementation of CryptoKeyReader #9379
  • [Java] Able to handling messages with multiple listener threads in order for the Key_Shared subscription #9329
  • [Java] Fix NPE when MultiTopicsConsumerImpl receives null value messages #9113
  • [Java] Fix Unavailable Hash Range Condition #9041
  • [Java] Add more information in send timeout exception #8931
  • [Java] GenericJsonReader converts the null value to string "null" #8883
  • [Java] Always remove message data size #8566