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Client Java 2.7.5

  • [fix][java] Fix semaphore release duplicated in ProducerImpl #16972
  • [fix][java] Fix MaxQueueSize semaphore release leak in createOpSendMsg #16915
  • [fix][java] Fix PatternTopicsChangedListener blocked when topic removed #16842
  • [fix][java] Fix ReconsumeLater will hang up if retryLetterProducer exception #16655
  • [fix][java] Fix DNS server denial-of-service issue when DNS entry expires #15403
  • [fix][java] Configure Netty DNS resolver to match JDK DNS caching setting, share DNS resolver instance in Proxy #15219
  • [refactor][java] Switch to rely on Netty for Hostname Verification #15824
  • [improve][java] Remove unnecessary Pulsar Client usage from Pulsar Proxy #13836