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Pulsar Manager Release Notes

0.4.0 2023-05-09

What's Changed

  • Update stale description of creating environment in README by @maxsxu in PR-462
  • feat:upgrade version to 0.3.0 by @urfreespace in PR-458
  • Move version to 0.3.0 by @urfreespace in PR-455
  • Align BouncyCastle transitive dependecies to 1.68 by @nicoloboschi in PR-466
  • Fix URL for example in by @corymacd in PR-475
  • Removing conflicting dependencies by @gurleen-gks in PR-482
  • Removing transitive dependencies for log4j by @gurleen-gks in PR-488
  • Redirect notifications to the commits@ list instead of dev by @merlimat in PR-490
  • For #492, Remove unused 'token' by @Hongten in PR-493
  • Use correct path for initdb and pg_ctl by @mzwennes in PR-478
  • Update support for casdoor by @jakiuncle in PR-484
  • [improve][doc] Add casdoor document for administration-pulsar-manager by @jakiuncle in PR-499
  • Fix create topic failure for non-partitioned topic by @Apurva007 in PR-504
  • Fix 307 redirect errors when connecting to multi-broker cluster by @Apurva007 in PR-503
  • Use existing database if present by @vfauth in PR-501
  • Upgrade Gradle and Gralde Node Plugin to fix build issues by @tisonkun in PR-510
  • Fix GHA workflow syntax by @tisonkun in PR-511
  • build: upgrade deps for building on modern machine by @tisonkun in PR-513

New Contributors

  • @maxsxu made their first contribution in PR-462
  • @nicoloboschi made their first contribution in PR-466
  • @corymacd made their first contribution in PR-475
  • @gurleen-gks made their first contribution in PR-482
  • @merlimat made their first contribution in PR-490
  • @Hongten made their first contribution in PR-493
  • @mzwennes made their first contribution in PR-478
  • @jakiuncle made their first contribution in PR-484
  • @Apurva007 made their first contribution in PR-504
  • @vfauth made their first contribution in PR-501

Full Changelog:

0.3.0 2022-05-25

  • Fix MySQL schema field token error PR-339
  • Fix the bugs in topics list page and search topics PR-342
  • Fix the issue of Swagger does not work PR-369
  • Add offload threshold input PR-375
  • Add dashboard service for aggregated information collection PR-326
  • Add multi bookie cluster support PR-388
  • Fix the bug that admin roles cannot be deleted PR-397
  • Add Filtering support for tenant/namespace/topic PR-440
  • Fix Log4J security vulnerabilities PR-438
  • Allow user to assign tenant as resource to role PR-436
  • Add support for Casdoor PR-446
  • Fix unload namespace error PR-386

0.2.0 2020-09-28

  • Support multiple addresses for the broker stats PR-306.
  • Use PulsarAdmin instead of HttpUtil in BrokerStatsServiceImpl PR-315.
  • Serve frontend directly from Pulsar Manager backend process PR-288.
  • Support docker for JWT PR-218.
  • Support sub and unsub operations PR-240.
  • Support peeking messages from the Pulsar broker PR-241.
  • Support BookKeeper visual manager 1.2.0 PR-300.
  • Support forwarding messages through HTTPS PR-258.
  • Support displaying stats for tenants and namespaces PR-243.
  • Add a configuration file for the backend service of Pulsar manager PR-236.
  • Add default configurations for the environment PR-242.
  • Fixe an SQL syntax error PR-298.
  • Fix the issue that Pulsar Manager fail to process the request sent to the Pulsar proxy PR-281.
  • Change the default port and replace the request URI PR-316.

0.1.0 2019-11-25

  • Remove streamnative from the project PR-213.
  • Add license file for pulsar-manager PR-209.
  • Support management of jwt for pulsar-manager PR-205.
  • Support redirect.scheme PR-204.
  • Fix reset cursor by time PR-179.
  • Fix wrong broker display error PR-187.
  • Remove dependency package jszip PR-189.
  • Add developer guide PR-186.
  • Keep table and column name fields lowercase PR-190.
  • Fix loggin level PR-191.
  • Fix wrong place for license scan badge PR-193.
  • Add support for HerdDB database PR-183.
  • Make default environment persistent PR-197.