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Pulsar Release Notes

Release notes

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VersionRelease NoteRelease BlogDocumentationRelease DateRelease Manager
v3.3.xv3.3.03.3.x DocumentationJun 05 2024coderzc
v3.2.xv3.2.33.2.x DocumentationMay 17 2024lhotari
v3.2.23.2.x DocumentationApr 02 2024lhotari
v3.2.13.2.x DocumentationMar 08 2024Technoboy-
v3.2.03.2.x DocumentationFeb 05 2024Technoboy-
v3.1.xv3.1.33.1.x DocumentationMar 08 2024gaoran10
v3.1.23.1.x DocumentationJan 02 2024AnonHxy
v3.1.13.1.x DocumentationOct 24 2023Technoboy-
v3.1.03.1.x DocumentationAug 10 2023Technoboy-
v3.0.xv3.0.53.0.x DocumentationMay 17 2024lhotari
v3.0.43.0.x DocumentationApr 02 2024lhotari
v3.0.33.0.x DocumentationMar 09 2024heesung-sn
v3.0.23.0.x DocumentationDec 03 2023poorbarcode
v3.0.13.0.x DocumentationAug 07 2023RobertIndie
v3.0.0What's New in Apache Pulsar v3.0.03.0.x DocumentationMay 02 2023RobertIndie
v2.11.xv2.11.42.11.x DocumentationMar 08 2024lhotari
v2.11.32.11.x DocumentationJan 03 2024shibd
v2.11.22.11.x DocumentationJul 18 2023Technoboy-
v2.11.12.11.x DocumentationApr 19 2023Technoboy-
v2.11.0What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.11.02.11.x DocumentationJan 11 2023Technoboy-
v2.10.xv2.10.62.10.x DocumentationMar 08 2024liangyepianzhou
v2.10.52.10.x DocumentationJul 30 2023liangyepianzhou
v2.10.4What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.10.42.10.x DocumentationApr 18 2023liangyepianzhou
v2.10.3What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.10.32.10.x DocumentationJan 04 2023liangyepianzhou
v2.10.22.10.x DocumentationOct 28 2022Jason918
v2.10.1What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.10.12.10.x DocumentationJul 04 2022codelipenghui
v2.10.02.10.x DocumentationApr 18 2022codelipenghui
v2.9.xv2.9.52.9.x DocumentationApr 20 2023coderzc
v2.9.42.9.x DocumentationDec 28 2022congbobo184
v2.9.3What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.9.32.9.x DocumentationJul 20 2022mattisonchao
v2.9.2What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.9.22.9.x DocumentationApr 08 2022gaoran10
v2.9.12.9.x DocumentationDec 20 2021eolivelli
v2.8.xv2.8.42.8.x DocumentationOct 04 2022BewareMyPower
v2.8.32.8.x DocumentationApr 08 2022michaeljmarshall
v2.8.22.8.x DocumentationJan 12 2022315157973
v2.8.1What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.8.12.8.x DocumentationSep 18 2021hangc0276
v2.8.0What's New in Apache Pulsar v2.8.02.8.x DocumentationJun 15 2021codelipenghui
v2.7.xv2.7.5What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationSep 06 2022Jason918
v2.7.4What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationDec 27 2021Technoboy-
v2.7.3What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationAug 11 2021congbobo184
v2.7.2What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationMay 25 2021eolivelli
v2. DocumentationMar 22 2021zymap
v2.7.0What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationDec 03 2020codelipenghui
v2.6.xv2. DocumentationJun 02 2021lhotari
v2. DocumentationJan 21 2021codelipenghui
v2.6.2What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationNov 09 2020wolfstudy
v2.6.1What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationAug 21 2020wolfstudy
v2.6.0What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationJun 17 2020codelipenghui
v2.5.xv2.5.2What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationMay 19 2020jiazhai
v2.5.1What's New in Apache Pulsar v2. DocumentationMay 11 2020tuteng
v2. DocumentationJan 15 2020sijie

Previous versions

All release notes of previous versions are available here.